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Dependable Investigation Services 

Today’s world is fraught with uncertainty. It’s difficult to parse whether people are who they claim to be. With National Security & Protective Services, Inc., you won’t have to make guesses in the dark. We offer private investigation services in Louisiana that get to the truth of the matter. Whether you need to verify an employee’s actions or require a layer of security, we’re here to assist you.

Theft or unauthorized appropriation can disrupt your operations, eroding trust among clients and personnel in the process. If you suspect that an employee or outside agent is harming your business, let us render assistance. Unlike other security companies, we have an investigative unit with experience law enforcement. We utilize sophisticated investigative techniques to uncover the truth. As a result, you can take appropriate action. Our team covers: 

  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Corporate Espionage
  • Fraud

Your Neighborhood Watch

Where you live plays a direct role in how you live. Are you going about your days safely or with uncertainty? Protect your neighborhood from danger with our neighborhood patrol services. Our team can supplement your subdivision’s current security program or help you implement a new one. With our private security guards, maintaining order is a simple process. In addition to routine patrols of your grounds, we can also perform access control, parking enforcement, surveillance, and more.

Never take safety for granted. Contact our security company to learn more about our investigation and neighborhood patrol services.

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