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Comprehensive Security Guard Services in Ft Worth, TX

When you need to protect assets, property, and people count on National Security & Protective Services, Inc. We have the expertise to deliver the manpower you need to feel confident in any situation. Our security guard services in Ft Worth, TX, meet a wide range of needs, including:

  • Industrial Security
  • Loss Prevention
  • Criminal Deterrent
  • Access Control
  • Investigative Services

Thanks to our wide array of services and industry experience, our teams can adapt to the situation at hand. Whether you need an understated extra layer of protection for a company party or fully visible patrol cars to help guests feel safe and enforce parking requirements, trust our officers to get the job done. We’ve dealt with arson, vandalism, theft, and even corporate sabotage effectively, giving us unique insight into the challenges you face.

Fully equipped with uniforms, radio systems, computer-integration, and options like emailed end-of-shift reports, you never have to feel unsafe when you turn to our security company. We commit to your peace of mind and deliver it by being the best at what we do. This is why retail and industrial clients alike count on us for cost-effective solutions.

The Standout in Private Security 

We believe that the best results come from exceptional service, and we leverage a wide range of resources to make ourselves the go-to choice in our industry. In addition to hiring from military and police backgrounds, we utilize three key strategies to keep ourselves at the head of the pack:


No two locations or clients are the same, and cookie-cutter approaches aren’t ideal for comprehensive safety. When you call us, we design a security program specifically for your workplace, tailoring each aspect to fit the risks you face.

Personnel Support

All too often, underpaid and poorly coached guards become a more significant threat than the people they’re meant to deter. That’s why we encourage honesty, integrity, and workplace pride with fair pay practices and worksite inspections. We even conduct written surveys to make sure your security stays up to date with the latest changes in your situation.

Professional Supervision

Even the best guards work better with reliable guidance. Our supervisors conduct full training and provide close supervision of each officer with every visit, at least once every 24 hours. This includes assessments of any incidents and enforcement of our smoke and drug-free environment.

Equipment Belt
With the tailored touch of a local provider and resources on par with a national security firm, we bring the best blend of communication and confidence to every job. Choose us today to see our difference in action on your property.

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