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Professional Security Services Dallas

National Security & Protective Services, Inc., serving customers in Dallas & Fort Worth, Texas, & Louisiana has a full range of security services in Dallas, including; loss prevention for corporate assets and using our military and law enforcement training and experience to provide investigatory services to you as well. Our mission is to protect and secure your important assets.

Comprehensive Security Services Company in Dallas

We provide access control, reducing and preventing loss of corporation assets due to inventory shortages. With our services, you'll see a reduction in cash and equipment losses and prevent arson, sabotage, and vandalism. Our company will design a security program tailored to your workplace. We encourage the spirit of honesty, integrity, and workplace pride in all personnel by upholding fair pay practices, and we conduct regular site inspections and written surveys to update your security system. Our company enforces a smoke and drug free environment. Supervisors will conduct full training and close professional supervision of each officer with every visit, at least once within a 24-hour period.

We have patrol cars available to be placed with officers at any location you may need them for extra visibility for traffic and parking enforcement. These patrol cars are equipped with two way radio systems, lights, and computer systems. When you contract us for security services in Dallas and require a protective patrol officer to be at your location, you can have added a patrol car and get your reports emailed to you at the end of the officer's shift. With all that we have to offer, it's no wonder with we're leaders in the Dallas security services industry. 

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