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                                      Security Service Dallas / Fort Worth, TX

                                               JOB #TX00401 Unarmed PCO (Prisoner Control Officer)

                                       Applicant Eligibility for this position:

  •                                                                    * Must have 1 year of Military/Law Enforcement Experience
  •                                                                    * Must have a minimum of 2 yrs of Security or Corrections Exp.
  •                                                                    * Must be at least 21 years of age
  •                                                                    * Must be able to Pass a Background Investigation
  •                                                                    * Must Pass a Drug Screen Exam
  •                                                                    * Must be able to Speak, Read, & Write English
  •                                                                    * Must be Professional and Neat in Appearance
  •                                                                    * Must be Physically Fit
  •                                                                    * Posses a High School Diploma or GED
  •                                                                    * Posses a Valid Government ID or Drivers License
  •                                                                    * Must be a Team Player
  •                                                                    * Posses a Level II Non-Commission License in Good Standing with the Texas DPS Private Security Bureau
  •                                                                    ** All PCO's assigned to this detail will have to go through a Mandatory Training Course to insure the safety of both the Officer and Prisoner.
  •                                                                        During the initial 30 days of Training and Probation the PCO will receive an Entry Level Salary of $12.57.
  •                                                                        Upon completion of probation the PCO Salary is $17.02.
  •                                                                        All Full Time PCO's will receive (PTO) Paid Time Off after 365 days to be used as Sick/Leave/Vacation.
  •                                                                        Medical, Vision, Dental, and Life Insurance Benefits are available.
  •                                                                        Duties:
  •                                                                        Maintain Custody and Control of Inmates while they are being seen at any of the area local hospitals
  •                                                                        Municipal Law Enforcement Officers will turnover custody of the inmates and return to pick up after
  •                                                                        completion of the tour.
  •                                                                        * This Position Requires Schedules & On Call (Received From The Dispatcher)

                                                                       *All uniforms and equipment will be provided for free.

                                                                       Starting Salary: $17.02hr.

                                                                       *** Must Be Able To Start Immediately ***

                                                                       (10) Position Available

                                                                       Locations: Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas

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Call For Interviews (214) 299-8772 / (817) 642-8919

Office: 5601 Bridge Street
Suite 353
Fort Worth, TX 76112

Licensed & Regulated by the Texas Dept. of Public Safety (TXDPS #C-16053)

Unarmed Prisioner Control Officer starting pay: $12.57 hr.

National Security & Protective Services, Inc. Is An Equal Opportunity Employer